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  • Ben December 2012
My emails are going to spam
  • Any idea why my emails end up in my spam folder. I created a new list and added about 8 email addresses (all mine that forward to my gmail account).
    I created a campaign and sent to this list.

    All the messages end up in the spam folder in gmail.
    When i send test message, it comes in just fine, but any messages sent by launching the campaign, end up in my spam.

    Im worried that when i send to my large list, that happens to them too.

    I added the sending email address to my gmail contacts and still it goes to spam.

    any ideas?

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    Posts: 3,544Sendy support
    Hi. Having your email end up in spam has to do several factors, like what the email service provider thinks about your email/domain, your domain reputation, whether SPF and DKIM passes their tests etc.

    As emails are sent via Amazon SES, they'll be in a better position to answer your question. Try the Amazon SES forum
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