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Immediate redirect when opening Sendy

edited September 2012 in Troubleshooting
I've just finished a fresh install of Sendy that appears to have gone OK, but as soon as the installation was complete, or as soon as I try to visit http://mydomain/sendy, I see the app for a split second before being redirected to http://mydomain/login/ -- a URL that's already reserved.

Just to clarify, my config file has the APP_PATH configured like this --> define('APP_PATH', 'http://mydomain/sendy'); (ie. no trailing slash)

If I'm clicking fast enough, I can try to access the Settings page from the dropdown, which takes me to http://mydomain/sendy/settings and 404s.

The installer gave me a warning that mod_rewrite wasn't enabled, but I tried to go ahead with it anyway -- is that perhaps the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • First, check that the .htaccess file is uploaded to your server? If you did, mod_rewrite may not be enabled on your server.

    For some, adding this line in .htaccess works (add this line after "RewriteEngine On"):

    RewriteBase /

    If this does not work, contact MediaTemple (is that your host?) to enable mod_rewrite for you. :)
  • Ack, I'd uploaded everything with Coda2, which didn't include the .htaccess file.

    Sorry, rookie (& 3:30am) mistake, everything's working great now!
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