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Database missing fields after fresh installation
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    Posts: 3Sendy user


    I seem to be missing fields in my database. My previous post, I noted that my quota was all zeros. So I went digging around and saw another post where someone was unable to set amazon endpoint location. The solution was to add 'ses_endpoint' to the login table. I did that and my quota then popped in. Go figure...

    Now, I'm trying to create a Brand. I go to the page, fill in the form, hit the submit button and..... a blank page? So I figure, could it be another issue of my database table(s) missing fields? Sure enough ---- I'm right. /includes/app/create.php is wanting to insert data into the following fields:

    INSERT INTO login (name, company, username, password, tied_to, app, timezone, language)

    INSERT INTO apps (userID, app_name, from_name, from_email, reply_to, currency, delivery_fee, cost_per_recipient, smtp_host, smtp_port, smtp_ssl, smtp_username, smtp_password, app_key, allocated_quota, day_of_reset, month_of_next_reset)

    but my login table only has the fields of: id | name | company | username | password | s3_key | s3_secret | api_key | license | timezone | ses_endpoint

    and my 'apps' table is totally empty. no fields at all.

    Can someone point me to the SQL structure so that my database can be properly setup?


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    It's weird that you get missing columns etc. Did you grant full privileges to the database user for your database?

    Can you make sure you've granted full privileges to the database user, then re-install Sendy again (remember to remove all tables)?


    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down useradmnuseradmn
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    I dropped the database and db user. recreated and reinstalled the files. All is well now. Thanks! Not sure what happened but its up now! Thanks!

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