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  • Ben December 2012
Sending to a list larger than the daily sending limit
  • Vote Up0Vote Down willwill
    Posts: 12Sendy user
    We have a list of 14k. Sendy is reporting the error:

    You can't send more than your SES daily limit. Either wait till Amazon replenishes your daily limit in the next 24 hours, or request for extended access.

    Is there a way we can just submit the campaign to send, then by the time it's used up the first 10k it will be well into tomorrow anyway so Amazon will have updated our limit to 10,000?
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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,607Sendy support
    Hi Will, Sendy will not queue the rest for sending tomorrow. If you have more subscribers than your SES quota, request for extended access
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