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webversion tag is not working on text email

edited July 2013 in Suggestions
Last I tried this, I see that the <webversion> is not working on the text version of the campaign. I think it's important we have this, because we may want those seeing the text version to see the full HTML version online.


  • It confirms what I was saying there, it looks like tags are not working on plain text version. But Ben is working on it for the next version.
  • ah... OK... I do feel that this is a priority to make sure that users comply with CAN-SPAM and other laws.
  • For now you can ask subscribers on the text version to reply to the message with "UNSUBSCRIBE" as object. It should comply with most laws.
  • oh ... and Sendy will handle it?
  • Haha no it will not :)
  • As 'unsubscribe' and 'web version' tags has been implemented previously, this thread will now close.
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