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Duplicate emails being imported

edited December 2012 in Troubleshooting
I searched the forum and found 2 topics where it's stated that sendy does not import duplicate email addresses, both of which had been closed.

That is not the case however, my subscriber list is stored on another system, I wanted to updated the list since the last import, so I exported then imported and now I have over 4000 addresses instead of just over 2000, so I did a search for a single name:

Name Email Last activity Status Unsubscribe Delete
Caughthereyes3 1 min ago Subscribed
Caughthereyes3 Thu, Nov 08, 12:08AM Subscribed

Is there any way to fix this now?


  • Hi @Kode! Can you please PM me your installation URL, email and password and a link to download the CSV you used so that I can check on your issue?

    In the meantime, you can check and remove duplicates by going to http://your_sendy_installation/remove-duplicates
  • Hi Ben, that link worked great! I was using 1.1.1, I've updated to 1.1.2 and tried importing the same list again and they didn't import this time, so I think you have already fixed the issue, I was just a minor revision behind (would be nice to be able to auto update). Thanks for your quick response.
  • Ok, I spoke a little bit too soon, lol. Almost all perfect, only issue is that remove duplicates function removes the older duplicate rather than the newer, and it seems if the older email unsubscribed they are removed from the unsubscribed list as well
  • Sorry about that! The script was an ad hoc script written for a user to remove duplicates in his list but it doesn't take into account of which one is older or newer.
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