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Sending email message to 2 or more lists - duplicates removed?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user
    I already found that duplicates are removed when importing with CSV (other thread). However I have another question:
    When sending 1 email to multiple email lists are people whom are in more then one of these lists excluded from receiving the email more then once?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,606Sendy support
    Hi Steve,

    Sendy will check if an email appear more than once in your selected lists when sending. If so, it will only send once to that email.

    Hope this clarifies.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user
    thanks ben, the answer I was hoping for and expected just needed to be sure :)
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