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  • Ben September 2014
Unsubscribed from all lists when unsubscribe link is clicked
  • Pretty much as per the title, really. I am developing an integration between Sendy and a popular forum package. However, for the purposes of this troubleshooting, I have tested and confirmed this issue outside of that integration using a simple REST client.

    Given these parameters:


    My expectation is that the user would be unsubscribed from the list with ID of: y763892UsUB1OpTa09i763PxqMYg

    What actually happens, however, is that where the user is subscribed to multiple lists, they are actually unsubscribed from ALL lists.

    I thought it may be useful to demonstrate this in pictures:

    1) Subscriber Lists
    2) REST Client
    3) Screenshot immediately after submitting the above request

    It has crossed my mind that this may be an intentional design decision; because if a user wants to unsubscribe, maybe they want to unsubscribe from all, but that decision seems at odds with requiring a list ID to submit the request and the documentation.

    This has been tested in the versions I have which are and Any help gratefully received :) Thank you.

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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    By default, when a recipient clicks unsubscribe, they're unsubscribed from all lists in the brand. This is industry's best practice. However you can change this default by going to the list's settings, then select 'Only this list' from 'Unsubscribe settings'.


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