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Generate plain text version automatically

edited January 2013 in Suggestions
Automatic plain text generation required.. so you can then just amend etc.


  • yes, i think this is must-have featured. MailChimp have this featured.

  • try this page, it's by mailchimp

  • +1 on this ;)

  • +1 This would be a nice feature

  • edited January 2015

    +1 It would be nice to have this done automatically... it is possible to use the Mailchimp version, but that won't convert the <webversion> and <unsubscribe> links properly, which leads to extra fiddling.

  • +1 I agree. A must-have feature. It is just annoying to have to do it manually when it should be pretty easy to implement it.

  • The plain-text box to cut and paste into does work, but it sure would be nice to have an auto-generated version that pre-populates that box we could scroll through to ensure it transferred correctly. Including plain-text version of the email was one whole point (1.0) better in SpamAssassian - so likely this would help ensure emails are delivered better as well.

  • +1 would be good! :)

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