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Not working after IP change
  • Hello Ben,

    I shifted my server to a better configuration one to improve delivery performance of Sendy. The way i shifted it was to change the A name record of the current hosting. Since I own both the VPS's that was an easy fix. Then I shifted all the files & DB to the new IP address.

    Sendy is working fine & I could create a new Brand, a new list & add a new user. But all processes that require AJAX (i think), for example, CSV upload, or send email does not work.

    Is there something that I can do to fix this?

    Regards, Mihir.

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    I suspect there may be missing files in your Sendy installation.

    Try doing a full re-upgrade to the latest version of Sendy:

    1. Download the full build of Sendy from (use the form right at the top to download the full build of Sendy).

    2. Then re-upload all of Sendy's files to your server (except /includes/config.php and /uploads/ folder) replacing the old ones.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Ben,

    I actually had updated the Sendy version before shifting it over, so all the files were in place. I found the problem though. I had completely forgotten to add CRON jobs on the new server.

    You can definitely close this topic now.

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