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Sendy gets slower as the list increases in size
  • Vote Up0Vote Down JasonMJasonM
    Posts: 27Sendy user
    As my subscriber list grows the delivery slows. 4 weeks ago i had 2,200 now i have 11,000. Each week the delivery gets slower and slower. It has to be some issue with the server, perhaps with the MySQL database.

    my current campaign has been running for 13 hours with 8 cron jobs per hour. A total of 2,282 emails have been sent... at this rate it will take 2.5 days to send to 11,000.

    I am using a Godaddy hosted Linux server... I contacted Godaddy and they say there is no problem on their end.... this is really frustrating!
  • Vote Up0Vote Down JasonMJasonM
    Posts: 27Sendy user
    UPDATE - I called GoDaddy again and got thru to someone that was knowledgeable. Godaddy does not like Sendy running a hosted server. They are throttling things so as to slow the campaigns. If you are looking to setup Sendy, do NOT run it on a hosted server.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support
    Hi @JasonM, just to let you know I've received your PMs, sorry I haven't got around to replying you until now.

    I guess it's understandable Godaddy is doing this for customers on their shared servers because server resources like CPU and memory are shared among everyone. Though, I can't speak for all servers posting this kind of restrictions for apps like Sendy.

    Sendy uses multi-threading to send emails, executing multiple processes at once per second to send out emails, the higher your send rate, the more processes it uses per second. Your PHP's memory_limit determines whether you can send any faster without slowing.

    Lastly, you mentioned setting up 8 cron jobs per hour? The sending speed is not determined by the number of cron jobs you create. In fact, creating too many cron jobs can cause problems like sending duplicate emails. Sendy is not designed like that. You need to only create 1 cron job, Sendy will send multi-threaded emails according to your sending rate. Your PHP's allocated memory_limit determines how well sending performs.
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