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After install it redirect to /login but the page is a empty one
  • I reach the install page all the requirements are green, I fill the informations click submit, there is a flash of the installation page empty and after that it tries to redirect to the /login page but actually the page is not found. I've checked if there is the htaccess , if the domain is correct and if the folders have right permission, any suggestion?
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    Hi @piermaria

    PM me your installation URL, email and password as well as access to your FTP so I can check.

    Thank you.

  • I've resolved actually, it was a problem with .htaccess

    Add RewriteBase /sendy below RewriteEngine On
    in the .htaccess of sendy folder

    I've also resolved another Issue I wasn't able to login at the beginning because is written nowhere that the email is the username of your account
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