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This feature is the only big thing missing. Segmentation is an absolute must. Some of my clients want to be able to do a segmentation by city or state and we cannot do this with Sendy. The only feature that keep me from buying the app


  • You can currently export segments according to country, but city/state is not available at this time.
  • What I mean is, having more choices when the user subscribe. Exemple ; age or city so then you can send email to people only in certain city. That's what my retail client need
  • We're aiming to bring this to Sendy in the next update.
  • @huguestennier You can do this since version 1.0.8.
    1. Export the users of a list that has custom fields.
    2. Open the csv and sort all rows by the column you want to segment by
    3. Create a new list with those segmented users
    4. Create campaign to send to that list and go!
    Hope that helps till theres a more elegant solution :)
  • Yes that can be done. You can also currently download segments via reports, eg. export subscribers who opened, clicked or comes from a certain country etc.
  • BenBen
    edited August 2017

    List segmentation is now officially supported in Sendy!

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