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  • Ben January 2015
How to migrate Sendy to another server?
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    Posts: 7Sendy user

    How to migrate Sendy properly?

    I'll switch to a VPS hosting of another company but do not want so many headaches, what are the correct steps to migrate?


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,772Sendy support


    1. Move Sendy files to the new server
    2. Move your MySQL database as well (export your current Sendy MySQL database as .sql file and import it into your new db via phpmyadmin)
    3. Update your APP_PATH and MySQL details in /includes/config.php to reflect the new installation
    4. If your new server uses a different domain name than your previous server, change your Sendy licensed domain at
    5. Delete ALL of Sendy's SNS 'Topics' and 'Subscriptions' in your Amazon SNS console. Sendy will automatically re-create them the next time you're at the 'Define recipients' page with the correct and updated endpoints
    6. Re-setup your cron jobs on your new server (visit http://your_sendy_url/reset-cron and hit the 'reset' button to clear the false positive that cron jobs have been setup, then you'll see cron job setup instructions again where they should be setup)


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