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  • Ben January 2015
Sending emails to my forum users
  • Hi,

    I'm currently running a forum. Many of my forum users (around 1500) have (in their profiles) agreed to receive information from the administrator. Would it be OK to import all those users to Sendy and send them my newsletter from this new platform? Or do I have to send a mail where they can agree once again (opt-in) to receive a more formal newsletter on a regular basis?

    What I'm a bit worried about is what will happen with my AWS account if I get, for instance, too many bounces back? I read something about a 5% level which is acceptable according to Amazon.

    Any advice on this subject what is appropriate to do would be very helpful.



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    If you're sure your users already gave you permission to email them and expect emails from you, then they probably won't mark your email as spam, so you've got that part taken care of.

    For getting 'high bounce rates', this is likely. If you want to make sure your list is clean of invalid emails that will cause 'bounces', consider using one of the following tools to scrub and clean up your list:

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