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    Posts: 9Sendy support
    1. Check Sendy's troubleshooting page to see a compilation of common questions which may answer yours immediately
    2. Be nice, we want a healthy environment here so everyone can learn positively from each other.
    3. Don't be nasty, everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
    4. Make sure you are using the latest version of Sendy
    5. Search the forum to see if your question has previously been answered before posting
    6. Clarify your issue in more details. Describe the steps to reproduce your issue.
    7. Be concise in your discussion title for the benefit of others searching for a similar topic
    8. We may ask for your installation or server access in order to troubleshoot. If you refuse, we cannot help.

    Sendy is not a big corporation who outsource support to somewhere remote. Questions are usually answered by me @Ben.

    I especially understand how frustrating it is to ask a question and having to wait days before getting a response. I usually reply immediately when I see a question, even on weekends. I care about my users and want it to work for them should they encounter any problems.

    We make sure things work before releasing anything. But Sendy is a self hosted software, server environments are different and certain behaviours are unexpected. Though, more than 97% of users have no problems running it from day one. If you do have problems, don't get upset, I will personally find out why and resolve it for you.

    Thank you!

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