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  • Ben January 2013
Is there an easy way to scrub an imported list?
  • Migrating from MailChimp to Sendy. While beta testing Sendy, Opt-ins continued to be handled by MailChimp. Campaigns have been sent with the Sendy Unsubscribe link so unsubscribes are in the Sendy list, not the MailChimp list.

    I initially imported the master list several weeks ago and have done several daily imports of new subscribers since then but reformatted and lost the date of the last import and what dates it included. What I need to do is import the entire MailChimp list and have the list scrubbed against the Sendy unsubscribes so I don't re-import people who have unsubscribed and throw our spam complaints through the roof.

    There has to be an easy way to do this in Excel or Numbers or even perhaps Sendy itself.

    Can anyone tell me how to quickly, effectively and accurately do this?

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    Posts: 3,541Sendy support

    Hi @vincentpolisi,

    You can safely import your MailChimp list. Sendy will not re-import any emails in your MailChimp list that exists in Sendy.

    For example:

    • is in Sendy's list (marked as unsubscribed)
    • user1 is in your MailChimp CSV

    Sendy will not import into Sendy's list because this email already exist. Hence, the unsubscribed status is left intact.

    This applies even for complaints, soft and hard bounces because the concept is that Sendy will not import any emails that already exists in a list.

    Last but not least, do a backup of your current list (just in case anything goes wrong) simply by clicking Export. It's always good to backup your list before doing anything massive like this.


    Hope this helps!


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