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Unsubscribe user from list, subscribe again and send Autoresponder
  • Trying to use Sendy to send transactional emails, which may be sent multiple times. I have a DRIP campaign with an email set up to send immediately. I'm making my calls with this process:

    • Send contact details via API to subscribe endpoint (if not on list already, it will send successfully)
    • If "User already subscribed error":
      • Unsubscribe user via API
      • If successfully unsubscribed, wait 70 seconds (figured that's long enough for any list related cron activity)
        • Subscribe user via API

    The user is subscribed again successfully, but the autoresponder isn't sending that second time. What can I do to make this work?

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    Posts: 3,648Sendy support


    Instead of 'unsubscribing' the user, the user should be 'deleted' instead before subscribing the user via the 'subscribe' API. But there's no 'Delete subscriber' API at this time, you may need to write a MySQL query to delete the subscriber record from the subscribers table in the database.

    Best regards,

  • Perfect advice, Ben! Got that up and running pretty quickly.


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