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404 Error after install

edited July 2022 in Troubleshooting

Sendy uses URLs without extensions, also known as 'Pretty URLs'. Instead of using URLs that ends like this /login.php, it uses URLs that ends like this /login. If you get a 404 error at the login page after installation, check the following list:

  1. Did you upload Sendy's .htaccess file?
  2. Try adding RewriteBase /sendy after the line RewriteEngine On in Sendy's .htaccess file (if your Sendy URL looks like this Or add RewriteBase / if your Sendy URL looks like this
  3. If you setup your own server, ensure AllowOverride All is set in your Apache's httpd.conf instead of AllowOverride None so that Sendy's .htaccess file is not ignored by your server. Remember to reboot Apache after making changes to httpd.conf.
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