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Where do I setup Drip Campaign
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LeslieLeslie
    Posts: 4Sendy user

    This is my first experience with an auto responder and I am incredibly lost right now. I know what I want done, but figuring it out is very difficult. How do I set up a drip campaign for a list? I can't find an easy way to do this (which isn't saying much since I haven't done it

    Is there a manual or anything that walks someone through this? Something newbie friendly...preferably.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,648Sendy support


    1. Go to 'View all lists' on the left sidebar
    2. Select your desired list
    3. Click 'Autoresponder' at the top right to setup Autoresponders for that list


    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down LeslieLeslie
    Posts: 4Sendy user

    Got it working. Thanks!

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