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  • Ben January 2013
[SOLVED] Links not working in 1.1.4
  • I just installed Sendy for the first time today and have to say it's really nice! One thing I had to work through though was why links were not working when I'd send out a real email and then try clicking on the links. The link would open to a blank page. I added RewriteBase / but that didn't help.

    Finally, I realized that even though I had mod_rewrite enabled, I needed to set the "AllowOverride All" flag on / in my main Apache 2 configuration file. The default on my server was set to "AllowOverride None" which was preventing the .htaccess file inside the sendy diretory from even being read.

    Anyhow, thanks for the awesome software and hopefully this helps out someone.

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    @joulupukki Thanks for sharing! And I'm glad you like it! :)

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