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Clarification on setting up Brands / Amazon SES
  • Brand new to Sendy and working through setting up a few clients on it. For clarification:

    I've set up Sendy on our server and have all Amazon SES, SNS, etc completed. Our domain is verified as well as our 'From' email address - everything works good. Now I want to set up a 'brand' for a client to be able to login, write their newsletters and send them to their lists. They have their own websites, etc. I understand the setup on the Sendy end. My question is in regards to any settings that need to be added to my Amazon Web Services account.

    1. Do I need to add each client/brands 'from' email address to my AWS account?
    2. Do I need to add their domain to my AWS account?
    3. Do I need to basically add all the same steps that I did with the master account?

    Little confused.

  • You will need to have the client give you their preferred email address for the mailings, eg. Once you have that you can go to the "Verified Senders" panel in Amazon SES Management Console and add it in there. AWS will send them an email with a link to confirm - once the client confirms it, you will be able to send campaigns for them from your Sendy installation. Make sure you also remember to set up the bounce and complaints feedback configuration in SNS for their email address too, otherwise they won't be recorded in Sendy.

    Any email campaigns sent by the client will show up in peoples inboxes from the client address with "via" after the client email address.

    To avoid this "via" message you can have the client go through the process of modifying their domain DNS records with the DKIM signing and the additional TXT record that you would need to provide them (as you would have done if you verified your domain). If you manage the clients hosting/domains you can easily set it up for them, although it may take a few days to be verified by Amazon.

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    @eucalyptmedia explained it perfectly.

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