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Amazon SES sending speed in combination with Sendy
  • Good day to you all!

    We are using Sendy in combination with Amazon SES. We are very glad with the results so far. But we have problems with time that it takes to send a campaign.

    We are increasing the number of e-mails at the moment, and see a large increase in sendtime. We send out each campaign about 95.000 e-mails at the moment.

    Our send limit with Amazon SES is 250.000 e-mails a day. We have a maximum send of 50 e-mails a second. We use a send of 20 e-mails a second.

    Sendy works on a cloudserver with the following specs.: 4 Gb. memory, 400 Gb harddisk, speed: 400 Mbps. With: CentOS 6.2 x64.

    We use Easycron to handle the cronjobs.

    But sending out 95.000 e-mails takes about 10 hours, this is not in line with the send rate of 20 e-mails a second.

    Can anyone tell me what we are doing wrong? And even more important, does anyone has advice about a solution?

    Thanks for your time and effort in advance!


    Alex Brasz

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    Posts: 3,630Sendy support


    Please see this article to learn about sending speed ?

    Also, if you use an 'internal cron job' instead of 'external', performance will be better.


    Best regards,

  • Goodday Ben,

    Thx for your anwser!

    Sending goes faster now.


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