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Unable to get SES quota
  • Hi Ben,

    Trying to re-install Sendy on the new domain which is hosted on Amazon EC2 instance. I followed all of the steps (attached user policy to IAM credentials) and I double checked the keys to make sure they were correct. I have not received any emails nor do I see any indication of my SES account being suspended. That leaves the server clock out of sync, but since I am hosting on EC2, wouldn't that already be in sync? Thanks

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    If you're hosting Sendy on Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 servers should already be in sync with NTP. However, you can try running the following command to sync your server clock with NTP just to be sure:

    sudo /usr/sbin/ntpdate

    I have installed hundreds of Sendy installations on Amazon EC2 without this issue though, EC2 servers are usually in sync.


    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben, I ran that and then just deleted and re-set up the user and policy and all is good now. Thanks for your help.

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