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  • Ben January 2013
SES quota showing zero
  • Hi Sendy!

    1- On Sendy:

    I have successfully installed Sendy on our Linux server, no issue reported. Sendy interface is working fine, creating brands, campaign and uploading email contacts. CronJob is also set and scheduling is enabled.

    2- On AWS:

    'From Email' ID is verified. 'DKIM' status Verified. Production Access approved. Bounce & Complaint properly configured.

    The only problem is that I cant send emails. Sendy is NOT showing my production access. Showing SES sends left: 0 of 0 and also **You can't send more than your SES daily limit. Either wait till Amazon replenishes your daily limit in the next 24 hours, or request for extended access. **

    I haven't sent a single email using Sendy as yet.

    Can someone help me out on this?

    Best, Salman

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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support
    Hi @salmanahmad,

    Solution: Sync your server clock with NTP, request your host to do this.

    Also search the forum for "ses quota", you'll get lots of information, including the solution above.




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