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Export only active subscribers (who receive emails in their inbox)

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I wish to know if it's possible to export only the 'active' subscribers - that is a list that has only the emails where emails reached inbox?


  • BenBen
    edited January 2013

    Hi @TheBigK,

    There's no way to determine if an email reaches a subscribers inbox.

    However, you can only track whether a subscriber has opened your email. Though this will never be accurate as some users prefer not to display images when opening/reading an email, you can export this bunch of subscribers in the report:

    You can also export active users in any subscriber list by going to the 'Active' tab, then clicking the 'Export' button at the top.
    These subscribers are not unsubscribed, bounced, complained or unconfirmed, hence defined as active.



  • That's incredible! I never knew that the tab you've chosen below gets exported. You should mention is somewhere ;-) .

  • One more question - I sent an email to an old list that I have and got about 10% bounce rate. Amazon has warned me of it and I only want to send emails to the users with email Ids that haven't bounced, or have marked email as spam or have unsubscribed.

    Is exporting the 'active' list and importing it again in a 'fresh' list the right thing to do?

  • Hi @TheBigK,

    If bounces have been registered in your installation, your bounce rate should decrease the next time you send.

    Sendy does not send emails to users who unsubscribed, bounced or complaint. So you don't have to take any action. :)



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