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I need to translate the script interface in Italian.
At the moment,what I intend to do is to surround EVERY string used literally in the script with a short named function, eg, "Hello World" becomes t_("Hello Word"), then use the english string you provide as a key for a table. Values are going to be memcached.
Of course this will break my possibility to easy upgrade in the future.
Any better option?
If you want I can provide my work back (the translation function is quite stupid, but the source with the t_ function around all string can be valuable imho.


  • We have also translated Sendy, but to Swedish. Our method was somewhat diffferent, but the end result the same.
    Support for other languages, even if it means translating myself, would be great as upgrading would be easier.
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    Sure we need a way to keep in touch with updates without having to restart translation from scratch.
    I am resorting to a output filter that i process after all processes are terminated (with php ob_function help, but it's very easy to mess up); this way I have a single entry point and don't have to modify all sources ...
    I hope a solution is on the go, this is not viable in the mid/long term ...
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    Anyone from the staff on this?
  • We'll work on this after tackling a few priority features and fixes. Thanks for your patience!
  • Translation support is now available in Sendy 1.1.5 and above.

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