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CPU memory utilized

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Hello Ben,

I am on the HostGator Level 5 VPS, which had the CPU: 2.69 GHZ, RAM: 1824 MB

I sent a email campaign last night to about 30,000 subscribers, while sending the email my server crashed. When I asked HostGator Support they told me that my CPU is fully utilized which is the main reason for the crash.

Can you let me know, what can I do to make sure that the server doesn't get crashed. I can do the server upgrade but still, I am not sure whether this issue will resolve or not even after the upgrade.

Do let me know the best possible thing to do in that case.

Neeraj Agarwal


  • Hi @neeraga,

    This means your server aren't powerful enough to support sending this amount of emails using mult-threading.

    All you need to do is upgrade your server.



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