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List larger than SES Limit - Solution?

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I have a large mailing list, about 250k users, and have moved to send from madmimi, due to crazy pricing on there part.

I have requested a higher send limit from SES, and received 50k/day. which is nice but not quite what I was looking for. I requested 250k/day.

I am wondering what is the best solution for handling large lists. I am considering splitting my list into 5 small list, <=50k and scheduling them to send daily during the week at least until I can get more, as I only send 1 news blast per week. But I dont see any easy way to split new lists, besides export then import, which will be slow...

Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



  • BenBen
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    Hi Dan,

    Right now, the only way is to split your list to <=50k each. Then send your newsletters. If you can prove to them your bounce and complaint rate is low, they should be more than happy to increase your limit to what you need. Request for extended access again once you send a couple of newsletters.



  • Thank you for the quick reply.

    That is what I suspected. Hopefully it will only take a short while to prove to them, as I am sure it will be annoying.

    Is there any easier way to split a list?


  • PM me your installation URL, email and password and your mySQL database access. I'll figure this out for you.

  • I just started importing the list. If you don't mind I will send you the login in the morning, wants it's done importing all of the contacts.


  • Since you're just starting to import your list, I'd suggest uploading 50k at a time to separate lists. Don't upload all 250k to the same list.

  • I already started the upload with one CSV earlier this morning. The server timed out, but everytime i refresh the count for that list continues to increase... So i was going to give it sometime.

  • DanDan
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    Thanks for your help. Once they finished importing I created a few more lists and then just executed the following SQL:

     UPDATE 'subscribers' SET 'list'=[NEW-LIST-ID] WHERE 'list'=[BIG-LIST-ID] LIMIT [AMOUNT-TO-MOVE]
    • Where [NEW-LIST-ID] is the id of a newly created list, seen under the id column of "View all lists"
    • Where [BIG-LIST-ID] is the id of a list with too many subscribers, seen under the id column of "View all lists"
    • Where [AMOUNT-TO-MOVE] is the total number of subscribers you want in the new list, would be less than you ses limit.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • I'm running into the same problem, we have 73,000 subscribers but are starting off with SES' 10k default. We do a monthly newsletter & if it takes 7 days to send, that's fine. But it looks like Sendy won't even let me start it. Could you add an override option? For now I guess I'll split it up but it makes unsubscribing a bit of a headache -- we use a custom page that passes the unsub request to Sendy API, so I'll have to include the list ID in the newsletter unsub link & change it with each batch. Maybe there's an easier way? Thanks

  • Thanks @Dan, I really appreciate it.

    @carcomplaints Have you requested for extended access?

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    @Ben not yet, we don't have a sending history with Amazon. That's the plan in a few weeks, though.

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