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redirected to login screen after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • Hi, been having an issue with the Sendy management interface ever since installation, where if I don't save/switch views within 60 seconds, then when I do click on anything I'm redirected back to the login screen. Any suggestions? My coworker gets the same result, tried multiple browsers. We're not blocking cookies etc. I'm using the default .htaccess & define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', ''); isn't commented out (those were the solutions to similar login redirect problems mentioned on this forum that I found).

    We haven't tried sending a campaign yet but so far in preparing & testing the campaign, everything else seems to work fine. I'm just logged out a lot if I don't work fast. :) Thank you

  • Answering my own question, the culprit is MediaTemple's GridServer. Adding a custom session.save_path = .... to php.ini did the trick, as suggested by:

    For the record, "Randomly being logged out of your PHP application" as stated in the MediaTemple KB article isn't quite accurate, it was happening with perfect regularity :)

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    I remember MediaTemple's Grid Server always having problems with sessions. Good that you fixed it after researching (that's what I'll do anyway).

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