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Need some improvements to follow anti-spam laws
  • Hi,

    I'm trying Sendy for 3 days now and I like it because it's simple and clear.

    Like many other people here, I'll be happy to see more features in the future but before that, I think you should update Sendy to help us following anti-spam laws. Let me explain.

    To follow anti-spam laws, when you send a promotional email you have to :

    • include an unsubscribe link (right now we have to add a tag manually, and it doesn't work well in WYSIWYG editor because it strips off html)
    • include your contact information, including a physical mailing address where you can receive mail or a PO Box (could be a signature field in the brand settings)
    • include a change subscription info (at least change contact info, better if subscribers can also change subscription status to one or several lists in the brand)
    • Identify the message as an ad (usual way is to tell "You received this message because you subscribed to" for example, could be in a brand settings field)

    So I think the top priority feature to add would be to automatically add that in each email (campaign or autoresponder).

    A clean footer like this would be great :

    Brand Info (signature ?) - Physical mailing address

    You received this message because you subscribed to (link)

    If you don't want to receive future messages from us, you can (unsubscribe_link)unsubscribe(/unsubscribe_link) here.

    You can also change your subscription info by (change_info_link)clicking here(/change_info_link).

    All the texts should be editable in the Brand settings page to avoid translation needs.

    I don't know the best way to do it but I definitively think it should be on the top of your todo list because it deals with law ;)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down adavila78adavila78
    Posts: 46Sendy user

    I second this, I have many customers who really forget about actually including this information and its really a must to comply with the law, as per my other comment requesting to append something to emails, this is a still better idea, I think this is a very strong need if we are going to keep sendy as a legitimate bulk email tool and not a spammer's tool, we must comply with all laws and forcing customers to do this, its absolutely a must!

  • I just thought of an easier way for you to add this feature (and more flexible for the customers).

    You could just add a message field in the Brand settings with the tags [unsubscribe] (and [change_info] if you can add this feature). This is a way to write a custom footer content which will appear in each e-mail.

    The idea of custom text comes from a customer's report telling me that the footer text can add some points to antispam scores (that have to be null for perfect non spam message).

  • Vote Up0Vote Down ilshilsh
    Posts: 43Sendy user

    I vote for this

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteelxSteelx
    Posts: 9Sendy user

    I vote for this too

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteelxSteelx
    Posts: 9Sendy user

    Any updates on this one?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down elliottelliott
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Looks like this hasn't been touched in a while, so I'll vote. This is definitely needed - not just for signature/unsubscribe variables - but any custom variables a brand may want to insert into emails and only have to edit in one place.

    Accounts with many autoresponder emails need this especially. If their signature changes, they have to go through hundreds of emails to edit instead of just changing the variable.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down dreamerdaddreamerdad
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    i second this. also, please add option of us to add "powered by EmailServiceXYZ" message at the bottom of every email.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BlaineBlaine
    Posts: 32Sendy user

    I'd love for this to be implemented.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down acalemacalem
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Me too!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down JonnaJonna
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Vote for this one!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down DesmondDesmond
    Posts: 13Sendy user

    +1 for this. To create different template footers which can be inserted into autoresponders would be hugely helpful.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down Mr_IanMr_Ian
    Posts: 6Sendy user

    I would prefer this to be selectable, I have all the info built into my footers but like to change the unsub text periodically

  • Vote Up0Vote Down erichammererichammer
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    This thread appears to have been open since 2013 and 5 years later, still nothing? I recently forgot to manually add the unsubscribe and am getting spam complaints. Seriously, why is this not implemented FIVE YEARS LATER?? This is such a basic feature.

  • Any update on the (compulsory these days really) simple way to insert an automatic footer with physical address details at the end of every email (especially autoresponders)? Thanks!