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  • Ben January 2013
Central european characters
  • Vote Up0Vote Down lexislavlexislav
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    Hello, after while we got back to setting up our sendy installation and we run into a serious trouble: When adding brand or campain and using central european characters (ščřž), these are lost when saved. That means the brand name looks fine when editing form, but after saving the form, these characters are lost (substitued by "?". The same happend even to my name… Any idea, what can cause the problem? It is quit serious, it is deforming the clients brands :-)

    When I check the DB in PhpMyAdmin, I can see, that that all the fields are set like this: campaigns MyISAM latin1_swedish_ci 2.2 KiB - but comparision method should be latin2_czech_cs (for me)

    Is this is a sendy problem (like it is missing a language settings) or I am supposed to change this manualy (I'm not really sure how :–()

    Few info about ours server:

    Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Version MySQL: 5.1.56 Protocol: 10 User: xlsendy@localhost Character ser in MySQL: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Webserver Apache/2.2.17 MySQL client: 5.1.56 Extension PHP: mysqli

    Thanks for any ideas how to fix this

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support

    Hi @lexislav,

    I tested with the characters you provided in my installation and it's displaying fine. My database's encoding is the same as yours. Please see screenshots below:

    Brand name


    Try changing your tables' collation to something else and see if it helps, eg. utf8_czech_ci, ut8_general_ci etc.

    In phpmyadmin, go to a table, then click the 'Operations' tab, you'll be able to change any table's collation there.



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