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  • Ben February 2013
Users in multiple lists
  • In PhpList, if we are importing emails / users, it check already added member in other lists and subscribe to them. However this doesn't seem to be case in Sendy. hence wont a user get multiple mails if I send same mail to multiple lists?

    I have quite large list hence I need to break users in multiple lists and hence cant select all lists as SES limit is just 10k. I think user duplicate checkup while import like phplist is super useful feature

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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support

    Hi @deepblue,

    Sendy checks for duplicates within the list you're importing into, but it won't check if the same email exist in other lists.

    When sending, Sendy will check if an email appear more than once in your selected lists. If so, it will only send once to that email.

    See this existing thread



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