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Autoresponder not sending
  • Hello,

    Using Ubuntu 14.04. Sendy 2.04
    I've been able to send emails via sendy through Campaigns - > Send Test Email
    Setup autoresponder on subscribe.
    Subscribing via form.
    Subscribing works and user shows on list
    Cron is setup and running every minute as per instructions (I can post log from syslog if needed)
    No emails are sent

    Any thoughts?

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    1. Please double ensure that your cron job for autoresponders.php is set to run every 1 minute (not anything more)
    2. Please note that Autoresponder emails only trigger when emails are added via Sendy's subscribe form or the 'subscribe' API (, not emails imported via the user interface as Autoresponders are not designed to send emails in bulk, it's designed for new sign ups to your list.


    Best regards,

  • I have it resolved. I was on an EC2 instance with a bitnami lamp stack ami. For some reason the cron php command needed to be run with sudo. Not smart enough to know why exactly. Thanks

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