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  • Ben November 2015
How to send offers to subscribers whose birthday is today?
  • Hi,

    I'm new to sendy. I've been reading through this forum but can't seem to find an answer for the following:

    I have a list and one of the extra fields contains the subscribers birthday.
    What is the best way to send an email (with a special birthday offer) to just those whose birthday it is?
    I obviously don't want to manually extract a list each day and if I setup an automatic extract to a second list (that gets reset each day) what would happen to unsubscribes?


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    Posts: 3,604Sendy support


    Create a 'Send annually' Autoresponder email using the date based custom field.

    1. Go to 'View all lists' on the left sidebar
    2. Select your desired list
    3. Click 'Autoresponder' at the top right
    4. Then setup your 'Send annually' Autoresponder


    Best regards,

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