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How to set up PDF download after opt-in
  • Vote Up0Vote Down flurbixflurbix
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    Hello everyone. I want to offer people a PDF if they sign up for my email list. I realize this is simple enough, but it's not clear to me what the best way to implement this is. Specifically, I'm not sure if I should:

    (A) Send a thank-you email after they sign up, with the PDF as an attachment (Can Sendy do this after they successfully double opt-in?)


    (B)Redirect them to a special page with a long name consisting of random characters, where they can DL the file.

    It seems to me like B is easier, especially since I already have a special 'thank-you' page set up with links to my twitter youtube etc, but plan B has the problem that someone could just share the link to that special page, then lots of people could DL the file without giving me their email. On the other hand, my traffic numbers are terrible for right now and perhaps it wouldn't be such a problem if people spread my material so widely and in such a fashion.

    Like I said, it's a common enough thing to offer, so I wonder if someone with more experience could help me. Should I choose A or B?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    Create a 'Thank you email' in your list settings and include the link to download the PDF. This works for both single or double opt in.

    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down flurbixflurbix
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    Thanks! I love Sendy so much

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