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  • Ben February 2013
  • Dan February 2013
Contribute? - Dynamic Link CSS Field
  • Vote Up0Vote Down DanDan
    Posts: 25Sendy user

    I know this may come off as a strange request but I have made some customizations to sendy and was wondering if it was possible to contribute them.

    Specifically I have added a field for managing link css for campaigns. The idea is that for each campaign you can add css for the dynamically generated links, that way they can follow the style of your other links in your newsletter.

    I would like to contribute these changes with the hopes that they will be incorporated into future releases so I will not need to manually merge them.

    Thanks, Dan

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,672Sendy support

    Hi @Dan,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    But templating is on the to-do list so I won't add another feature that can be tackled using templates.

    What you can actually do is to build your newsletter using internal styles rather than inline styles. Once done, convert your "internal styled" HTML code into an "inline styled" HTML code (which is a requirement for email clients) using this free online tool called Inline Styler.



  • Vote Up0Vote Down DanDan
    Posts: 25Sendy user

    I have used this tool, and it works great. The issue is the and tags are not converted to links until after you would convert to inline css.

    This was just the way I decided to solve the problem I was having and figured I would offer my solution. If it will be fixed with the template feature I am excited for that.

    Thanks, Dan

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