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Seeing bounces from another brand
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jpanseljpansel
    Posts: 36Sendy user

    There is a really weird thing happening on my Sendy.
    Today I scheduled a campaign to be sent a few minutes later. But I forgot to select any list of recipients.
    Now the campaign is showing as "Sent" - number of recipients=0.

    The weird thing is: I opened the report for this campaign, and it showed 2 bounces from 4 days ago! Both emails address are from a list that belong to another brand.
    So now I'm wondering.... was this campaign sent to this list from another brand? It does not look like it since there is no other records on the report but the 2 bounces...
    Do you see any reason why I see these 2 bounces ?
    I would not want to have lists and brands mixed up...

    Thanks for your help !
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,572Sendy support
    @jpansel It's good to note that when an email is detected as an invalid email (bounce) by Amazon, this email will be marked as 'bounced' in the list it belongs to, as well as in other lists in which this email exists.

    The concept is that if an email is 'invalid', there is no point acknowledging it as an 'active' email on other lists. If we do, you will only keep sending to a 'bounced' email when you send to other lists that has this email inside, hence harming your reputation on SES.

    Having said that, if you see emails from other brands marked as bounced in your report, I guess it's pretty normal. The part I don't understand is, if your newsletter was sent out to nobody, why are there 2 bounces? I cannot deduce anything if I can't look at the database. But rest assured if you do not select any lists to send to, your newsletter will not be sent to anyone.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jpanseljpansel
    Posts: 36Sendy user
    Thanks for the explanation. It is indeed very smart.
    My only problem here is that both emails do not belong to this brand at all.
    I'll try to send you today the access information to the MySQL database. But that's not urgent. Thanks !
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