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  • Ben December 2015
Can autoresponder drip campaign send emails to imported list?
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    I want to run a drip campaign to a list of email addresses that I have imported in sendy. These addresses did not come in through the API or through the subscribe form. Each of the address has today's date in the date field.

    I created a new list, added 2 test addresses of my own, created a drip campaign type autoresponder with 3 messages. First one fires immediately, 2nd message fires after 2 minutes and the 3rd message fires at 5 minutes. However nothing happened. Then I added another address after creating the autoresponder but still no joy.

    What am I missing?

    Note: We have been using Sendy successfully for a long time for sending normal email broadcasts to our inhouse lists manually and did not have any issues with them, which confirms that Sendy is correctly installed and working.

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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    Autoresponder emails only trigger when emails are added via Sendy's subscribe form or the 'subscribe' API (, not emails imported via the user interface as Autoresponders are not designed to send emails in bulk, it's designed for new sign ups to your list.

    But you can try this if you want Autoresponders to send to emails added via Sendy's interface ?

    Best regards,

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