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Getting 404 error on login page
  • Hello, I operated according to the instructions for Sendy installation:

     /*  MySQL database connection credentials (please place values between the apostrophes) */
        $dbHost = 'localhost'; //MySQL Hostname
        $dbUser = 'xxxxx_root'; //MySQL Username
        $dbPass = xxxxxx'; //MySQL Password
        $dbName = xxxxx_sendy'; //MySQL Database Name

    the DB was created with the above credentials and the $dbuser got full admin permissions to the DB.

    I also supplied the URL and email as required.
    .htaccess was uploaded with the RewriteEngine On.
    I always get 404 error on login.
    I have applied the configuration checking with the following results:

     Your PHP version is 5.6.17
     mysqli extension is installed
     mod_rewrite is not enabled
     display_errors is turned off
     hash is enabled
     curl is enabled
     gettext is enabled
     curl_exec is enabled
     curl_multi_exec is enabled
     Score: 8/9

    I checked with my hosting provider and he assured me that mod_rewrite is enabled. (I am sure it is - no problems with my other websites on this host)
    I continuously get 404 error on login.
    Any idea?

  • I moved my Sendy installation to be in a subdomain. Now the result is a loop. The program tries to redirect in a loop.

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    Posts: 3,674Sendy support

    I logged in to your server with the FTP credentials you've provided and check the .htaccess file on your /sendy/ directory and saw that it is not Sendy's .htaccess file. You've replaced it with something else.

    I restored the .htaccess to Sendy's original .htaccess file and it's working now.

    Don't modify any of Sendy's code or replace any of Sendy's scripts with something else.


    Best regards,

  • Thanks a lot Ben!

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