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Template suggestion
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    Posts: 2Sendy user

    so I know templates are on the road map. (they can't get here fast enough...seriously)

    I had a thought about these tho. The easiest solution to me as I thought about how I'd go about doing it if I were to program it, would be to emulate dreamweaver. (gasp i know) But Dreamweaver did have a very elegant solution. They just put something like and around the areas that were allowed to be edited. if Sendy could just implement something like that to where we can build a template for a client, designate the content area with html comments, and be done. I can imagine this as being the simplest solution. You just look for those tags, replace them with a textarea box and done...We would just need to be able to create template(s) for each brand to choose from when creating a new campaign.


  • Vote Up0Vote Down JoshBJoshB
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    doh i used html comments in one of those sentences. dreamweaver used this method

    <-- editable region -->
    this is editable region <-- end editable region -->

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    Posts: 2Sendy user

    of course now a days, something like <editable>....</editable> would work just as well and be a little simpler to do a preg_replace on.

  • @JoshB: In the interim, just get a template off ThemeForest and edit it in Kompozer's WYSIWYG. That's what I did initially until I hand coded it in Coda 2.