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  • Ben March 2016
Fantastic software!
  • HI Ben,

    Fantastic software! We run a few online businesses and are throwing about $75 a month at MailChimp. I was worried about trying Sendy (would it work, etc), but so far our testing has gone really well. We are just waiting to get out of the Amazon Sandbox to see what Sendy can really do!

    The experience so far has been great, I never expected to have such a great auto-responder setup. I love it!

    I would just say that we have multiple lists and it would be really helpful for users to chose which list they want to receive. Also, as much as I hate to say it, your price is way too low. You are going to save us almost $1,000 a year. That's awesome!

    I signed up for your affiliate program right away. I have a feeling I'll soon be a Sendy evangelist :)

    Our hosting and design company is still small, but starting to grow. If there is anyway to collaborate in the future, feel free to let me know!

    Thanks again for your awesome work!

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    Posts: 3,607Sendy support

    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, that really made my day. :) I'm glad that Sendy is providing you with real value. Enjoy and all the best to your business. :)

    Best regards,

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