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  • Ben March 2013
Last activity not actual
  • Vote Up0Vote Down natenate
    Posts: 14Sendy user

    Hi Ben and team,

    when I go to the 'Subscriber lists' then there is the column of the 'Last activity'. But this time in there isn't actual. As an example. One Subscriber subscribed one week ago. Then in the column last activity I see on week ago. Now I send a campaign and this subscriber opened the email that this is in my opinion an activity. But the activity shows again one week ago. Is this a failure in my installation or is this normal? Maybe you can add this to the next version of sendy.

    Thank you and sorry for my broken english.


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,731Sendy support

    Hi @nate,

    "Last activity" only changes when the user subscribes to the list, unsubscribes, bounced or marked your email as spam. These are the activities of the user. Not when you send a campaign to the user (that's not the user's activity).

    Imagine when you send a campaign to the list and the "last activity" resets to "1 minute ago" for all subscribers of the list, the "last activity" won't serve any purpose at all.



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