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Received an email regarding failure to verify DKIM
  • I tried to verify my domain in Sendy and it never went through. I thought as long as an email was verified it would be fine, but I got this email today, and afterwards I can't log into Sendy anymore:

     Amazon SES has attempted to verify the DKIM setup of for the last 3 days. We have not been able to detect the required CNAME records in your DNS settings. If you still wish to use DKIM, please confirm that the DNS records are present and retry the set-up process via the AWS Management Console or the Amazon SES API.
     For DKIM troubleshooting information, see .
     Please note that this email only relates to the US East (N. Virginia) region.
     Thank you for using Amazon SES!
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    If you attempted to verify DKIM for your domain but did not add the 3 CNAMEs as instructed on screen, your DKIM for the domain will fail to verify.

    Here's a simple solution:

    1. Delete the verified domain
    2. Then just verify the 'email address' instead


    Best regards,

  • Thanks. We did this and it worked.

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