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Good Developer Referral for Sendy / s2Member integration

edited March 2013 in Using Sendy


I am using s2member on one of my large membership sites. I am currently using mailchimp, but the costs are getting ridiculous.

Do you know of anyone that could help me integrate with s2member via the API?


  • Hi Jon,

    I've heard good things about

    You may consider taking a shot at it.


  • @jonbennett I have 2 devs I've used to integrate Sendy into a 3rd party payment processor and into a custom coded popup lightbox email opt-in form. I just sanctioned one of them on a new Bootstrap login/protected page/PayPal & Stripe/Sendy integration for two membership sites I'm developing. I'm guessing he would be your man. If you send me a PM/DM I can get you his info. He's the man when it comes to this stuff. Other than Ben, of course. ;-)

  • Hey @jonbennett,

    @vincentpolisi is the right person to answer your question (I wouldn't know about if not for him). PM him for more info. :)


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