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Brands list empty on PHP 7
  • Hello! I've readed here and here that Sendy supports PHP 7, so I moved in. But when using PHP 7, the brands list appears empty. I had to downgrade to PHP 5.6 to restore normal functioning.

    My PHP 7 has Opcache and APCu. Other than that, it's using the same PHP modules as with PHP 5.6. May this be messing something up? The server is cPanel based and compiled with their new Easy Apache 4 which allows to choose from multiple PHP versions.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

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    But when using PHP 7, the brands list appears empty

    I have tested Sendy with PHP 7, the brands lists did not disappear though. An increasing number of users are using PHP 7 as well.

    As you mentioned your PHP 7 has Opcache and APCu, I suggest disabling them and try again. Or check your server's error_log to find any possible errors related to this.


    Best regards,

  • Hello Ben! It was all my bad... I thoroughly checked the configuration and noticed my PHP 7 was missing the calendar module. After integrating it everything started working back again.

    Sorry for bothering :-)

    Best regards Marcelo

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