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Cannot access login page (blank screen)
  • Hi,

    I had Sendy on a shared hosting account, but I recently moved it to a VPS. I updated to the new version, but when I try to access the login page, I see a blank screen earlier it was redirecting to the login page for another program that I have installed (Prosper202). I have the mysqli extension installed on my server. I edited the config.php file the following way before uploading to my server.

        /*  Set the URL to your Sendy installation (without the trailing slash) */
    define('APP_PATH', '');
    /*  MySQL database connection credentials (please place values between the apostrophes) */
    $dbHost = ''; //MySQL Hostname
    $dbUser = 'correct MySQL Username'; //MySQL Username
    $dbPass = 'correct MySQL Password; //MySQL Password
    $dbName = 'correct database name'; //MySQL Database Name
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    Your $dbHost is very unlikely to be '', please contact your hosting support on what your database host should be, it's usually 'localhost' 99% of the time.


    Best regards,

  • I changed the $dbHost to localhost and i is working now. Thanks.

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