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Gmail to Sendy Zap -- ReplyTo?
  • Hello there,

    I've setup a few Zapier Zaps with the new integration (Stripe Customers, Twitter, etc..) -- and I was going to setup the PayPal integration as well, but I then noticed that PayPal is a "Premium" Zapier service.

    Not really looking to incur monthly cost with Zapier on this integration, so thought I could setup a bit of a "hack" around this. All PayPal transactions do send an email Receipt -- so thought I could possibly setup a Gmail -> Sendy Zap to capture all emails that way (using a specific Label I have setup in Gmail on my PayPal receipts).

    I don't believe this will work however, as it appears PayPal sends the receipt email with our own business email address as the FROM, and the Customer Email (the one I'm looking to capture) as REPLY TO. I haven't fully setup this Gmail -> Sendy Zap because I do believe it will keep capturing my own email repeatedly, and not the Customer email.

    But can you verify when you have a moment if this Zap will also capture REPLY TO?

    Thanks again for an awesome product!

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    Gmail does provide 'Reply To Email' as a token which you can insert into the 'Email' field for Sendy:



    Best regards,

  • That worked perfect, many thanks Ben!

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