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Inline Images / Embedded Images
  • Vote Up0Vote Down LisaLisa
    Posts: 7Sendy user


    regarding the topics already discussed in

    I am not sure what the current status is. I think it's a common problem that major mail clients like Microsoft Outlook do not load pictures from URLs by default. And yes, only pictures loaded from Sendy-URLs are able to track.

    But: From our experience it makes sense to create a mail with inline pictures based on cid:-URLs ( to my knowledge AddEmbeddedImage in PHP or 'ContentDispostion.Inline' in C#) because these mails are perfect in mail clients like Outlook.

    In addition (!) we alway add a 1x1 public-URL image for tracking and convert the link-URLs to track clicks.

    Now... any chance to make this happen in Sendy?

    Thanks, Lisa

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,792Sendy support

    Hi Lisa,

    Please see this most recent thread

    Amazon SES does not support embedded images.



  • Vote Up0Vote Down LisaLisa
    Posts: 7Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    thanks... that was me who asked in the other thread ;-).

    But there's a difference: I am not talking about 'data URIs', these are not supported by SES, thanks for the information. I am talking about 'inline attachments'. These are supported by SES, they are even suggested by the Amazon-Guy in the same forum thread you are pointing to:

    ---snap--- Unfortunately, there isn't a simple workaround at this time. I can think of three options: ... - Modify the source process that is generating the message body to generate an inline attachment instead of a data URI. ---snap---

    These kind of cid-references are created by using standard attachments (things you already support) and adding a content-id to these attachments. Now you can refer to this attachment 'inline', see this sample in PHP:

    PHP: $mail->AddEmbeddedImage('my-photo.jpg', 'my-photo', 'my-photo.jpg ');

    Usage: <img src="cid:my-photo" alt="my-photo" />

    see source:

    This shouldn't be a problem with SES, using this image embedding PLUS having a 1x1-image for tracking and Sendy is the ultimate mailer ;-)

    Thanks, Lisa

  • Vote Up0Vote Down addactiveaddactive
    Posts: 46Sendy user

    I thought emails with CID reference attachments were generally flagged as being more likely to be spam?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down LisaLisa
    Posts: 7Sendy user

    Not really - from our experience they are the only mails that work in enterprise environments. 'late loading' of images in mails is often denied by policy and that means all mails look ugly - always ;-).


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,792Sendy support

    @addactive - That's what I read about

    @Lisa - I'll put this under the 'suggestions' category and will consider it for future updates. Thanks for your detailed description :)

  • Vote Up0Vote Down LisaLisa
    Posts: 7Sendy user

    Thanks! like I said, I would implement this feature as an 'advanced' send option. But it's a great feature and please have a look in the comments section of the paperstreet-link you posted to addactive... CIDs are displayed in Nearly ALL clients correctly today!

    thanks, Lisa

  • Vote Up0Vote Down sunebecksunebeck
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    I notice that in Sendy, you can now add attachments to a mail. Can that be used for embedding inline images?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down MaartenMaarten
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    Any update on this? WIll you consider implementing this feature?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down tsehestedtsehested
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Hi Ben, as far as I have seen in phplist this is a few lines of code, but makes a huge difference in delivery and display of any newsletter with images in it. Is this something that is in the pipeline and what is the timeframe? If not please let us know, I will have to move 2 clients to other systems then. Thanks, Thomas

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,792Sendy support

    @tsehested Amazon SES still does not support base64 encoded images at this time though.

    UPDATE - Amazon now supports base64 encoded images (images embedded with data URI)

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