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  • Ben November 2016
Does my autoresponder restart if an existing email address gets added to the same list again?
  • Hi there Ben!

    I was wondering, what happens to an autoresponder if an email address that's already in the autoresponder sequence subscribes itself to my list again via the optin form on my website?

    In one of your posts on someone elses thread you said:

    For signups via the signup form When you add a user via the signup form or the API and if the email matches one that already exists in the list, any data you passed in, eg, name, or any custom field values will overwrite the existing data for the existing record.

    Let's say I have an autoresponder with 10 emails in it, and the email address is already at mail 6, will the autoresponder restart if this person resubscribes to my list?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


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    Does my autoresponder restart if an exisiting e-mailaddress gets added to the same list again?

    No, the Autoresponder will not restart.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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